Social Group Camp 2016



The sky is the limit…

Summer break is finally here!  We encourage our families to engage their children in academic and social activities during their time off to maintain or enhance the skills acquired during the school year.  We invite your child to take part in our social skills program with other children. Through a variety of activities, participants will work towards developing important skills required in various settings (i.e. school, public places, parties, library, etc.) as well as situations.  They will learn to better identify their emotions and use coping strategies in challenging situations.  The program will also target understanding abstract language as well as discriminating Fact vs Fiction.  Your child will learn to be a good detective by demonstrating the ability to pick up clues.  It is a great opportunity to develop conversation building skills with peers on different age-appropriate topics and interests.

We are available to answer any question you may have. Please contact us via email at or via our website.

Registration Form is available to download and print from the website.  Please complete the Photo/Video Authorization Form.

The sky is the limit!

Starting Friday July 8th through July 29th
12 am to 1:30pm
Cost: $95 per session

Location:  5205 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach FL 33407
Contact: (561) 436-8458
Fax: (561) 214-4962