May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Early Intervention

early intervention counts eventEarly Intervention is a proactive process where coordinated services are provided to a child as soon as developmental concerns have been identified. These services are usually delivered in the home setting, but can be offered at the daycare or in clinic. Coordinated services will depend on the child’s needs and deficits, which are:

  • language delays
  • language disorders
  • drooling
  • food aversion
  • speech delays
  • speech disorders

The team may include physical therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists, behavioral therapists, speech therapists and psychologists.

Theraspeech invites to celebrate Better Speech & Hearing Month by focusing on Early Intervention, a key component in addressing speech, language and/or hearing deficits (among others) in young children. It is important that you identify the Red Flags early on to get the appropriate services for your child.

Join us in identifying the signs and offering the best outcomes.

An opportunity for you to ask questions as well as share your concerns, experience, setbacks, success stories and strategies.

Throughout the month, various resources and material will be available for you to consult. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.