Back To School!!!

Don’t miss the bus!      Don't Miss the Bus!

August 17th is around the corner!  Hope you enjoyed the break and got some much needed rest.

Many of my parents are feeling anxious thinking about transitioning back to the school year routine.  Your child may be going to elementary, middle or high school and will have to acclimate to new surroundings, teachers, paraprofessionals and new friends.  My question to you is this: How are you preparing your child for a new beginning?

While some made regular trips to the school during the summer break, others have simply explained to their child that they will be attending a new school.  To compliment, I suggest social stories, social groups, available children’s books or a personal story-book with pictures of the child’s school.

I always like using Social Stories with pictures (personal or general).  They assist in presenting upcoming events, challenging situations/behaviors, explaining abstract concepts and accepting changes.  There are apps available and wonderful templates on our Pinterest page.

Social groups are quite helpful.  It’s an opportunity for the child to interact with other children of the same age who are about to experience similar changes in routine.  These sessions are well structured and prepare the child for the unexpected in a smaller setting.  Social groups may be ongoing for middle school and high school students since they will be faced with numerous situations throughout the year. I suggest you ask your SLP about creating a social group to address any concern you may have about your child’s social interactions.

Many books on ‘going back to school’ are available online or in book stores:

Pete The Cat Rocking School Shoes

David Goes to School

First Jitters, Hartwell’s Classroom Adventures

Splat The Cat Back to School, Splat

Wemberly Worried

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

The Little Bucket

Real Friends vs The Other Kind

Also, you may opt to make your own book using pictures of your child’s school, classroom, teacher (if possible) and other familiar faces. Please share your past experience with us and we welcome any additional strategies you may have for a smooth Back To School week.